Medical Device Statistics & Research

A core function of most therapeutic research organizations is to advance the science of developing new tools, regulatory science, as well as the approaches and standards of assessing the performance, quality, efficacy, and safety of radiation-emitting products and medical devices. At AmPharm Statistics, we provide winning consultation solutions pertaining to medical device statistics & research.

What are Therapeutic Medical Devices?

According to the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, a medical device is any material, appliance, apparatus, and instrument that is designed to be used on human beings for one or more of the following purposes:

  • The modification, replacement, or investigation of a physiological process or of the anatomy
  • The compensation for, alleviation of, treatment, monitoring, or diagnosis of an injury
  • Control of conception
  • The alleviation, treatment, monitoring, prevention, or diagnosis of a disease

To sum things up, medical devices are used on humans to provide them with therapeutic benefits. These devices may have a mechanical or physical effect on the body.

Types of Medical Devices

Medical devices can range from a small bandage that one would apply on a scratch to higher risk products such as pacemakers implants. Other examples of medical devices include:

  • Syringes
  • MRI scanners
  • Catheters
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Artificial hips
  • Breast implants
  • Lubricating eyedrops
  • Orthodontics – e.g. fillings, braces, etc.
  • Tongue depressors

Why You Need Medical Device Statistics & Research

When you are bringing a medical product or device from concept to market, there are various requirements that are unique to medical diagnostics and devices. It is pertinent that you understand the intricacies and differences between device and drug development. Unlike drug development, you are now dealing with inventions that can be refined if there is solid evidence to support a design enhancement. When it comes to medical device statistics & research, we can help you utilize user feedback to make your product the best it can be.

What AmPharm Statistics Can Do for Medical Device Statistics & Research

No matter what the size of your research program or company, our medical device statistics and research solutions are scalable and flexible to fit your unique needs. Since our inception, we continually strive to deliver actionable results and dependable outcomes, on budget and on time. We will work closely with your research team, providing the strategies and knowledge necessary to successfully develop your medical devices.

Why Choose AmPharm Statistics for Medical Device Statistics & Research?

At AmPharm Statistics, our team is composed of highly skilled biostatisticians and clinical trial design specialists. Our therapeutic and device expertise makes us an excellent choice for your device studies. If your team has undertaken any tasks pertaining to medical device research, you will definitely benefit from our insights in this area. Whether you need to conduct a small device study involving 20 volunteers or larger study involving 300 patients, we can help!

Our company treats our clients’ confidentiality seriously, especially when we are handling propriety data. Your project details and ideas are never shared with any third parties. Nothing happens without your consent and knowledge – you call the shots.

If you are interested in working with us for your medical device statistics and research needs, feel free to schedule an initial consultation with us by sending an email to or call us at 844-674-3377 today.