Biostatistics Figures for CSRs

Most clinical study reports include figures.  Choosing the exact results to display and constructing the figures, can be a challenge.  At AmPharm Statistics, we offer industry-leading solutions for biostatistics figures for CSRs. We are able to evaluate the current use of figures in your trial reports, and make constructive suggestions that will benefit future practice, and more.

What are Figures for CSRs?

Figures in clinical study reports (CSRs) are an essential messenger of clinical trial results. The visual impression made by the clinically-relevant treatment effect often requires emphasizing the formal statistical evidence. What makes a good figure? Biostatistics figures for CSRs should be clear and concise, and be oriented to their primary goal; should be interpretable in an independent manner; and display measures of uncertainty along with plotted estimates.

Some of the common types of figures for CSRs include:

  • Kaplan Meier plots: These figures are designed for time to event or survival data. In this case, interest will be focused on the risks associated with a particular event, as participants move through time. For example, death, myocardial infarction, and more.
  • Flow diagrams: When it comes to the reporting of clinical trials, flow diagrams are integral to following CONSORT guidelines.
  • Repeated measure plots: These figures are from trials that produce a quantitative outcome (measured at two or more follow-up times or at baseline). It is also a common practice to plot the means by treatment over time.
  • Forest plots: Forest plots often display estimated treatment effects across one or more patient subgroups.

Why You Need Figures for CSRs

Today, it is imperative that authors expand their use of figures with CSRs.  With that in mind, your content objective, style of labeling, and presentation determines which type of figures to choose.

What AmPharm Statistics Offers for Figures for CSRs

At AmPharm Statistics, we are able to assess figures for CSRs for their suitability, clarity, content, and style. From these assessments, we will provide guidance on presenting both standard and specialized figures.  Through biostatistics figures for CSRs, we can highlight the visual evidence supporting similarities and/or differences in endpoints of interest.  When a figure compares two treatments, it is useful for you to infer how the overlap between confidence intervals or between standard errors indicates the strength of evidence for the treatment difference.

Why Choose AmPharm Statistics for Figures for CSRs?

Our company was founded in 1994 and has been providing extensive biostatistical consulting services for over 20 years. Apart from our unmatched statistical experience in post-marketing, registration phase, pre-clinical and clinical studies, we provide stellar solutions for figures for CSRs. Since our inception, we have also worked with a wide range of government agencies, healthcare institutions, research firms, and more.

We understand that no two cases pertaining to figures for CSRs are the same. That’s why we strive to provide solutions that conform to your specifications. What’s more, you can rest assured that we uphold the confidentiality of your ideas and trading models. If you are planning to advance your therapies through biostatistic support services, we can help!

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