Data Listing for Pharmaceutical Companies

At AmPharm Statistics, we understand that our clients may need to deal with large volumes of complex data and may need to present those data in a listing layout. However, data listing programming work can be time consuming and tedious.  This is where we come in. We provide data listings solutions that ensure accuracy and consistency in these tasks, and support an efficient and cost-effective process for presenting data sets as data listing.

What are Data Listings?

For pharmaceutical researchers, data listings are often included in Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) within larger regulatory submissions, to display patient-level evidence of drug efficacy and safety. Data listings play a notable role in patient profiles and can be used to bring together any information of interest. As the original integrity of data can be displayed by data listings, it is also used for narrative writing or data review by medical writers. Other uses of data listings include allowing users to present details effectively via varying display layouts, highlighting the relationships between multiple types of data.

Why You Need Data Listings

When it comes to clinical study analysis and reporting, one should not only focus on reporting results, but the data as well. It is an important practice and a great skill to have, to be able to quickly present selected data in a reviewable format, as the path to final results can be a long and bumpy one. In short, to promote “ease of review”.  Data listings are also needed when one conducts and reviews clinical trials on an ongoing basis.  Regrettably, not all reviewers of clinical trials data have great computer skills in terms of formatting and extracting data into useful layouts.  Well done data listings ease this burden!  All in all, data listings are designed to make everyone’s job easier by providing little snippets of critical information for reviewers on demand.

What AmPharm Statistics Offers for Data Listings

At AmPharm Statistics, we help our clients design data listings so that the needed clinical study information is presented and organized in a manner that others can easily review and quickly glean what they need to know.  Next, we do not simply transpose data to make tables.  We utilize programming to organize your information into a layout that communicates the point of your listings with unrivalled clarity. Our data listings solutions also have the ability to maximize the use of lines on a page and reduce the amount of unnecessary study information that appears on it.

Why Choose AmPharm Statistics for Data Listings?

AmPharm Statistics was founded in 1994 and has long worked with government agencies, academic institutions, healthcare organizations, etc., for their biostatistical data listing needs. Drawing on a dedicated team of highly skilled biostatisticians, we offer unmatched expertise and consultations on an array of relevant areas to researchers throughout the clinical trial process.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, you can rest assured that our team stays up-to-date with the latest regulatory guidelines through continuing education. We also understand that no two cases are quite the same and that’s why our data listing solutions are designed to conform to your specifications.

If you are looking to get assistance for your data listings needs, do not hesitate to call us at 844-674-3377 or email us at to schedule an initial consultation.