Analysis Dataset Development and Data Cleaning

At AmPharm Statistics, we provide analysis, dataset development, and data cleaning solutions for individuals or organizations that are conducting clinical trials or involved in biostatistics, and more. If you specialize in clinical trials, drug development, public health or biology, and have been tasked to handle and interpret large volumes of scientific data, we can help.

What is Analysis Dataset Development and Data Cleaning?

Analysis datasets are the core data used for statistical analysis and are also included in reports for sponsors.  They serve as a central cache of raw data originating from a single or family of raw datasets. With that, there are four different types of analysis datasets to keep in mind:

  • Laboratory analysis dataset
  • Demographic analysis dataset
  • Efficacy analysis dataset
  • Safety analysis dataset, adverse event analysis dataset, vital sign analysis dataset, and medication analysis dataset (all in one group)

Need to find and remove errors found in the raw data you have collected? This is where data cleaning comes in. Oftentimes, after scientific data has been collected, cleaning and screening should take place to make sure that they are as perfect as they can be. When it comes to cleaning data, here are some issues to look out for:

  • Logic breakdowns
  • Skip-patterns
  • Missing outliers and/or data
  • Duplicate cases
  • Cases that should not be in the study or have met exclusion
  • Incorrect or impossible values for specific variables

Why You Need Analysis Dataset Development and Data Cleaning

It is important to remember that preparing data for analysis is half the battle won. Today, analysis dataset development is an essential contributing factor to successful filings of New Drug Applications. Also known as NDAs, these applications are designed to document the safety and efficacy of human drugs.

One reason why data cleaning is needed is that in clinical epidemiological research, errors can still occur even in the presence of meticulous study design and implementation of error-prevention strategies. Data cleaning is targeted to identify and correct irrelevant, inaccurate, incorrect, and incomplete parts of the data, and thereby remove their impact on study results.

Why Choose AmPharm Statistics for Analysis Dataset Development and Data Cleaning?

Our expertise in biostatistical analysis dataset development and data cleaning allows us to help our clients ensure that their data sets are consistent with project and protocol objectives.  Our data cleaning programs are able to detect, describe, and where appropriate, filter unnecessary information. We have been in the business for more than two decades, and have the experience and knowledge to make your datasets much more transparent and analyzable.

Since our inception, we have built a diverse clientele that consists of research institutions, government agencies, and other healthcare organizations. Our team of highly skilled biostatisticians is also well-versed in the areas of registration phase, pre-clinical, and post-marketing studies. We understand that no two cases are the same, and that’s why we ensure our analysis dataset development and data cleaning solutions are tailored to your specific requirements.

If you would like to know more about our analysis dataset development and data cleaning services today, do not hesitate to schedule an initial consultation by sending an email to or calling us at 844-674-3377.