Biostatistics Consulting & Support

At AmPharm Statistics, we are a firm that you can trust for stellar biostatistical consulting solutions. Whether you are a biological researcher or biotech drug developer, we can help! Not only do we have great experience and expertise in clinical trials, as we also specialize in epidemiological studies, biometry, and more.

What are Biostatistical Support Services?

Biostatistics is the centerpiece of every clinical study. It is a branch of statistics that is used to interpret scientific data generated in public health, biology, clinical medicine, proteomics, and other disciplines.  With that, biostatistical support services involve the provision of quality statistical support and advice to researchers that need to prepare and/or implement clinical and translational projects and project proposals.

The Benefits of Biostatistical Support Services

  • Ensures proper preparation of grant proposals
  • Ensures highly accurate data presentation and visualization
  • Ease your worries and experience less stress over statistical conclusions
  • Allow you to produce high quality results and conclusions
  • Increase committee understanding and acceptance
  • Make your statistics easier to understand
  • Ensures clean data and increases transparency
  • … and more!

What AmPharm Statistics Offers for Biostatistical Support Services

At AmPharm Statistics, we have a broad range of biostatistical expertise, including:

Why Choose AmPharm Statistics for Biostatistical Support Services?

AmPharm Statistics was founded in 1994, and with over two decades of experience in the field, our statistical experience includes clinical (includes pre-clinical), registration phase, and post-marketing studies. Our consulting includes study design, protocol development, and study analysis.

Our team has in-depth experience with the most recent regulatory guidelines and will work hand in hand with you to provide therapeutic, functional, scientific, and/or operational expertise you need to conduct your clinical trial from start to finish. You can rest assured that we can also manage all statistical aspects of your trial or provide sufficient supplemental services to round out your team.

Besides meeting the industry requirements, our biostatistical services can be customized to your specifications. This is possible because we provide our clients with biostatistics consulting solutions, which are flexible, value-added, timely, and accurate.

If you are interested in engaging our biostatistical support expertise or want to get more information about our firm, do not hesitate to schedule an initial consultation by sending an email to or calling us at 844-674-3377.